4P Lab (People – Products – Processes – Projects)

The 4P Lab gives students a creative workplace with modern equipment where they can investigate the interactions between the factors of man, product, process and projects in the IT market: IT product within a social context.

The role of "man" in software development, the development of an IT product, the design of the software processes and the execution of development projects are analyzed and appropriate optimization measures are taken.

The Lab offers new ways to examine interactions leading to the economic implementation of product ideas within the framework of projects.

Purpose of Lab

  • Workshops, practicals and project work, particularly for the IT Product Management study programme
  • Workstations to carry out internal thesis work and projects

Lab Equipment

  • Modern PCs with several group workstations
  • Microsoft Surface Hub: video conference system, whiteboard, projector and presentation PC for teamwork
  • Tools used for the software processes and socio-informatics majors


B 2.12 Furtwangen