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Computers are an integral part of our daily lives – with mobile systems we are now networked worldwide. Headlines about attacks on data cause some users to break out in sweat. Do computer scientists still have the increasing networking and growing complexity of the systems of the future under control? Only computer scientists who have actually learned for themselves how computer hackers work will be able to ensure the safety of networked IT systems.

Since 2008 the Faculty of Computer Science has runHack2Improve workshops with partner companies every year, or every two years.The interesting, hands-on workshops look at technical and organizational aspects of security. The participants have the opportunity in various scenarios, to experience what it is like in a crisis situation and to legally take on the role of a cyber criminal. In the workshops experts from industry report on the latest developments in the field of computer security. Through the Hack2Improve events the participants get a feeling for the problem so that they can deal with modern technology in real life in a responsible way.

The Faculty of Computer Science puts particular emphasis on current topics which are workplace relevant. For example network security, the security of web applications such as Ebay and Facebook, and data analysis are practised in demanding tasks under controlled conditions, in a forensic lab set up especially for the workshop. To stay up-to-date, knowledge exchange with experts is absolutely vital for the computer scientists of the future.

Hack2Improve is very popular with the students thanks to its practical orientation and the top international lecturers. We would like to say a special thanks to the partner firms of our past workshops: Compass Security from Switzerland, Cirosec from Heilbronn, ERNW from Heidelberg, Schutzwerk from Ulm and the OWASP. The Faculty of Computer Science is delighted that such an attractive event focusing on the huge topic of IT security, is so established at our Faculty.