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Bachelor's thesis

The bachelor's thesis is a piece of academic written work written in the 7th semester. You will carry out independent work on a topic of your own choice using the knowledge gained during your degree programme and draw your own conclusions.

For external thesis work, the topic will generally be defined by the company or organization. For internal thesis work the application -oriented topic will be defined together with the thesis supervisor. Following this, you will apply for permission to carry out the bachelor's thesis from the dean of studies.

You will present your thesis on the last day of lectures. Please follow the thesis guidelines given.

Detailed information on writing the bachelor's thesis can be found here: Step-by-step to the Bachelor's thesis.

Organisational information about the bachelor thesis

  • Guidelines: Three parts of a bachelor thesis
  • Important information for download

Master's thesis

The master's thesis, a piece of relevant academic, written work on a current topic, is written in the 3rd semester. The thesis should contain new findings or insights on a topic which is currently being discussed in academic literature. Basically the master's thesis should fulfill the requirements for publication in an academic journal.

The academic discussion of a important topic and the independent discovery of new findings and insights are mandatory skills of a master's graduate, regardless of whether the graduate intends to pursue an academic career or not.

The master's thesis guidelines must be followed. Here you will find detailed information and forms regarding thesis work.