Semester abroad

A semester abroad during your degree programme has a lot to offer - learn about foreign cultures, improve your foreign languages, and profit from both added theoretical knowledge and your personal development.

Upon approval from the Faculty Examination Board, you can spend your 6th semester abroad. The courses taken at a partner university must be closely equivalent to the modules of the 6th semester in terms of weighting and content. Please make enquires early using the following guidelines.

Professor Achim Karduck, your contact person in the Faculty, is available to answer questions and help with the planning. The International Center will also support you in planning your semester abroad and will provide information on exchange and scholarship programmes.

Contact details

Photos from the semester abroad

Please note the following:

  • A semester abroad at a university with a non-German language of study must comprise a minimum of 24 ECTS in order to be accredited.
  • The remaining 6 ECTS can, with the agreement of the dean of studies and the international coordinator, be spent at HFU (see Guidelines).
  • If you are interested in taking a semester abroad, please get in touch with Prof. Dr. Karduck at latest by your 3rd semester.
  • Take part in the information events run by our international coordinator, during which the details of how to take a semester abroad are explained.
  • Take part in the information events run by the HFU International Center, e.g. during the International Days, where you will receive information about the organization of the semester abroad.

Application for semester abroad


  • Winter semester: 20 November until 20 January
  • Summer semester: 20 April bis 20 June of the year you are appying for


Please include in your application:

  • Letter of Motivation
  • Semester abroad application form
  • Preliminary transcript of records up to 3rd semester of study
  • Final transcript of records up to 4th semester of study

Application submission

  • Application documents with printed, related PDF documents should be sent to Prof. Dr. Karduck the international coordinator, and
  • PDF document sent online by email to the international coordinator and the HFU International Center


  • The authorization of a study place lies with the foreign university. Good grades are expected on the part of HFU and the foreign university.

After returning from abroad:

  • Provide the Examinations Office at HFU with the original transcript of records from the foreign university. They will produce a certified copy for the international coordinator and forward it to him.
  • In order to gain accreditation for the credits gained abroad, submit a completed  Accreditation form to the international coordinator.
  • Submit your feedback report to the International Center and send a PDF copy to Prof. Dr. Karduck.
  • At the beginning of the following semester, he will contact you regarding participation in the International Perspectives on Information Technology seminar where you will talk to other students about your experiences during your semester abroad.