The SAP TERP10 Certification (Training, Enterprise, Resource, Planning in 10 days) is offered to students and teaching staff of all universities through the Faculty of Business Information Systems of Furtwangen University in conjunction with the HFU Akademie.

The course gives a broad understanding of  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) leading to the SAP Certified – Associate Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 exam. Successful candidates will be issued with an official SAP Certificate which is internationally recognized in the job market.

Course content

The Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University is delighted to be able to offer students of all universities the SAP TERP10 Certification from SAP in cooperation with the HFU Akademie.

Overview of chapters

  • Automation of business processes
  • SAP ERP: fundamentals and navigation
  • Financial bookkeeping: fundamentals
  • Internal accounting: fundamentals
  • Purchasing process in SAP ERP
  • Plan-to-Produce process in SAP ERP
  • Order processing in SAP ERP
  • Internal orders, investments and Enterprise Asset Management
  • Project systems in SAP ERP
  • Human Capital Management in SAP ERP

Besides the individual key functions, the course also focuses on the Integration of business processes and the link between theory and practice.

Useful information

Useful information

  1. Basic knowledge of accounting and logistics is useful.
  2. The course is particularly suited to students taking a Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Business Administration and Engineering or Business degree.
  3. The course is particularly suited to students of the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University who have taken one of the two courses, "Integrated standard software" or "eBusiness application systems“.
  4. Students of the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University who take the certificate after the 1st or 2nd semester, are well prepared for the "Integrated standard software" or "eBusiness application systems“ lectures which are taken in the 3rd semester.
  5. The certificate is internationally recognized and can be included in various applications (e.g. internship semester, thesis work places).
  6. The course is recognized as an elective and students of the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University who pass the examination will be accredited with 3 ECTS.

Course participation
The 10-day training course costs € 580 for all university students and €680 for all university professors. No tax is paid.

The course is held exclusively in German, however the examination can be taken in English or another language.

The TERP10 certification examination is organized by SAP AG within the framework of the SAP University Alliances and is carried out at Furtwangen University by SAP AG. It is a 3-hour, 80-question, multiple choice examination.

Next date
16 - 27 September 2019

Online Registration
Online registration for the TERP10 course is carried out over the HFU Akademie. Information about the course and registration can be found under the TERP10 course or under "SAP Certification for Students".


"It was very interesting to see everything that SAP can do. The course was very interesting and divided up well. There was theory to learn but the exercises and examples were well explained and if every student pays attention in class there should be no problem passing the exam."
Panagiotis Bezirgiannidis, Business Information Systems, 4th Semester
"I am studying Business Networking - eBusiness in the 6th semester and did the SAP Terp10 Certificate in September 2016. This certification is really worth it, also when thinking about your future career. In two weeks you get an overview of all SAP System modules. Course materials are included and the exam is based on these. At the beginning you have the feeling that you can't see the wood for the trees but the support provided by the instructor Mr Marx is outstanding so you soon get the hang of it. In every session you review what you have done in the previous one and he is always available for any questions you may have. I can thoroughly recommend the SAP Terp10 certification."
Ramona Buser, Business Application Architectures Master

Course Instructor

The course is taught by Prof. Dr. Thomas Marx who has been teaching SAP courses in both English and German at the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University for 25 years. He has more then 30 years of SAP consulting experience, particularly in the area of project management, integration consulting and consulting in the Controlling, Material Management and Plant Maintenance modules.

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