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PreparedNet BMBF- research project

Partial project: Reference model building and simulation of cargo handling centre processes to support Supply Chain Risk Mana­gement (Reference number: 13N11136)


The added value involved in the production of goods generally involves several partners and is separated both spatially and organizationally. In addition the provision of goods is to a large extent organized on a global basis. This means that raw materials and semi-finished goods are bought worldwide and the products which are manufactured from these materials are also distributed worldwide. At the same time, the expectations of the customers are rising: for example short delivery times and a wide range of services are important, but at the same time low logistics costs are also expected. In order to achieve this, effective logistics networks are necessary.

With the increase in importance of logistics, the risks become increasingly evident: what are the risks for central logistical hubs in these networks and what are the options if a serious disruption occurs?

Project (complete and partial)

The aim is support decision-making processes in cases of disruption in complex logistics networks, the focus here being on short-term planning. Using simulation studies, defined disruption scenarios are evaluated with regard to their effect on the cargo handling centre or cargo handling centre network affected, making it possible to restore operations. The basis for the process is a process-oriented reference model which has been developed especially for cargo handling centres.

There are two sub-targets:

  1. The aim is to identify norm strategies for defined procedures (routines) on the basis of the simulation results, which can then be made more concrete in the form of guidelines.
  2. The simulation environment is available as a tool which can be used to give situation-specific recommendations in the case of disruption in the system.  Unlike point 1., the calculations are carried out after the breakdown in the system has taken place, where the model environment (model cargo handling centre network) is available.

The important concepts in this connection are Business Continuity approaches and emergency plans. The ideas laid out here, will also contribute to effective Supply Chain Risk Mana­gement on a tactical and particularly on an operative level. Currently most publications and research in this area concentrate more on the strategic level.

Project funding and partners

These risks are analyzed within the framework of the combined "PreparedNET - Agent-based Simu­la­tion and Research of an Emergency Plan to Protect sensitive Logistics Hubs" project. The research project is funded by the Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) through the "Research for civil security" programme under the "Safeguarding of the Supply Chain" programme. Several other partners from research and industry are involved in the project besides the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University:

The project sponsor is VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH.

The task of the HFU team is to record the processes in and between selected sensitive logistics hubs. In cooperation with the other research partners this will be carried out at two cargo handling centres - in Bre­men und Dres­den. In the next step the results will be evaluated and transferred to a generalized model for cargo handling centres.
Later in the project, simulation studies are planned in order to test alternative modes of response in cases of damage.

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