The ABAC4REST project deals with the efficient planning of attribute-based access control for RESTful Services. Attribute-based access control allows the planning of flexible and variable access guidelines, which makes it an excellent candidate to become the dominant access contol model of the future. The current state of technology is mainly based on generic mechanisms which replace the attribute-based model using compositional evaluation mechanisms.

The ABAC4REST project will examine particularly the suitability of the index-based evaluation mechanism compared to compositional mechanisms. Index-based evaluation mechanisms can be used in environments which use unique keys within an interaction. The interaction with RESTful Services for example is based among other things on the use of unique addresses (URIs). The use of this key makes it possible to copy the index-based process, enabling a more efficient evaluation. This is especially interesting for large amounts of data. A further aim of the project, besides the investigation of index-based evaluation mechanisms, is the development of a suitable language and an appropriate interpreter.

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