Usability Lab

In the mobile Usability Lab the usability of special software and web applications generated in lectures and projects is examined with the help of test persons.

Purpose of Lab

An important use of the labs is the ability to record various sources of data at the same time. Thus, the environment and all the users' activities can be recorded qualitatively and quantitively using 2 HD-Dome camera and a directional microphone. This can include, for example, mouse movements, keyboard entries, user comments and the facial expressions of the test persons.

The results of the usability tests can be used to improve the ergonomics of the software by optimizing the user interface, the sequence of steps taken and the information architecture and thus the user experience.

Using standard scenarios, the tests can be carried out onsite or worldwide by means of a remote function.

The results are produced immediately by means of a so-called marker. Then the user behaviour of the various test persons is classified using evaluation software and the recorded data is logged.


I 2.25 Furtwangen