Graduation Ball 2018

Graduation Ball for the 4 study programmes of the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University on 23.6.2018

"Plan your future – it's in your hands!"

The Faculty of Business Information Systems of Furtwangen University celebrated on 23.6.2018 the graduation of 134 graduates of the Business Networking E-business (WNB) and Business Information Systems (WIB) bachelor's programmes, and the BusinessApplication Architectures  (BAM) and Business Consulting (BCM) master's programmes at the new Town Hall in Villingen-Schwenningen.

The graduates with the best grades in each programme, the "Smart ShiningStars" were all awarded star trophies: from BAM - Marc-David Hausmann and Julian Stiefel; from BCM - Philipp Armbruster and Jean Yue Auyong; from WIB - Alexandros Malikotsinas and Dominik Schmidt; and from WNB - Irina Schwert and Jessica Vincon.

In addition the Burda Media Prize in the amount of €1000 was awarded by Frau Taminé of Burda Media to Josua Sigwarth as the best Business Information Student in his year.

A big thank you to our sponsors!