A) Study guidelines

Scientific writing

If you are looking for recommendations on scientific writing, the following will be helpful.

Information sheet on academic writing

Example of thesis to download

Reading list:

  • Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten schreiben mit Word -  Formvollendete und normgerechte Examens-, Diplom- und Doktorarbeiten.
    ISBN: 3-8273-1943-9
  • Duden. Wie verfasst man wissenschaftliche Arbeiten? Ein Leitfaden für das Studium und die Promotion.
    ISBN: 3-4110-5113-2
  • Die Technik wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens. Eine praktische Anleitung.
    ISBN: 3-8252-0724-2

B) Lectures

C) Semester abroad


HFU is a cosmopolitan university which supports intercultural and scientific exchange. More than 140 partner universities worldwide offer students, academics and staff broad opportunities for mobility and cooperation.

Further information

D)Course assignments and internship semester

Course assignments and internship semester

E) Thesis


Thesis registration: Process description WIB, WNB, BAM, BCM

Please note: All modules of Semesters 1 - 4 must be completed to be able to register for the thesis for (WIB, WNB)

Further information regarding WI thesis:  

Additional info English:

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Thesis extention
  • Thesis seminar (Bachelor)
  • Thesis submission
  • Thesis presentation

Study and Examinations Regulations Bachelor programmes  692 kB pdf

Application for extension of a thesis    117 kB pdf

Microsoft Word - Extension BCM.docx    117 kB pdf

Example thesis   696 kB pdf

Confidentiality agreement   193 kB pdf

WIB Thesis title    110 kB doc

BCM Thesis title   111 kB doc

Please note:  WI Thesis Process Registration and procedures NEW 08 2019

Instructions for online registration of thesis     474 kB pdf


F) Study and Examinations Regulations (SPO)

Faculty of Business Information Systems
Business Information Systems (Bachelor) - WIB

WiSe 2016/17
Version 13

Business Information Systems (Bachelor) - WIBWiSe 2014/15
Version 12
Last admission SoSe 2016
Business Information Systems (Bachelor) - WIBWiSe 2011/12
Version 11
Last admission SoSe 2014
Business Information Systems (Bachelor) - WIBWiSe 2005/06
Version 10
Last admission SoSe 2011
Business Networks E-business (Bachelor) - WNBWiSe 2016/17
Version 13
Business Networks E-business (Bachelor) - WNBWiSe 2014/15
Version 12
Last admission SoSe 2016
Business Networks E-business (Bachelor) - WNBSoSe 2010
Version 11
Last admission SoSe 2014
Business Application Architectures (Master) - BAMSoSe 2015
Version 11
Business Application Architectures (Master) - BAMWiSe 2012/13
Version 10
Last admission WiSe 2014/15
Business Consulting (Master) - BCMSoSe 2015
Version 12
Business Consulting (Master) - BCMSoSe 2007
Version 11
Last admission SoSe 2014

G) Miscellaneous

Example CV

European Curriculum Vitae Format (english)              558 kB zip