Usability Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Teaching of methodological know-how in all bachelor's and master's degree programmes in the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering and in cooperation with other HFU faculties.
  • Project work
  • Thesis work
  • Research

Lab Equipment

Stationary Usability Lab

The stationary usability lab consists of a test room and a control room. From the control room test runs can be observed and recorded from various perspectives. The test run can be projected for larger audiences in HD quality. Usability tests of technical documents in paper form, device controls or prototypes are recorded using modern camera and sound recording equipment.

Mobile Usability Lab

A mobile usability lab is also available in order to evaluate a product with test persons in the normal environment. The mobile equipment for the recordings can be quickly and flexibly set up.

Eye Tracking and Screen Recording
In order to record screen content, we have an eye tracker which records eye movements, as well as extensive screen recording software. The Tobii mobile eye tracking glasses is a portable eye tracking system. This makes it possible to carry out usability tests in a realistic environment.



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