Service Business Game


In this practical, interactive class, in small teams students learn to run a business by planning, making decisions and analyzing business results. In doing so several teams represent various companies competing for customers and market share. The business game involves production companies which market technical products and services. The companies are becoming more international and expanding in the area of system solutions which is currently typical of many businesses.

The class is carried out with a demanding, computer-based business simulation game. The simulation produces a realistic model of a mid-sized company and gives the players fast, risk-free, practical experience with a long-lasting learning effect.

The participants strengthen the following skills during the game:

  • Wide-ranging experience of business interactions
  • Setting and implementation of goals and strategies in a dynamic, competitive environment
  • Understanding and implementing business "figures" in practical decision-making
  • Application of tools for cost and efficiency calculation (e.g. product calculation),
  • Ability to make complex decisions in uncertain situations
  • Recognition of the framework conditions for business success
  • Making decisions in a team
  • Problem-structuring and solving


H 1.01 Furtwangen