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Media Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Introduction to computer-assisted video editing
  • Design and realization of AV productions
  • AV production for service communication

Lab Equipment

There are many high-quality devices available for the individual steps in the production process:


  • 4 Sony 3-Chip SD/HDcamcorders incl. tripod, wireless microphone and microphone boom
  • 1 complete set of lights
  • 2 mobile recording devices

Post production:

  • 12 27" iMac workstations with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creativ Suite Design Premium software packages
  • 1 Mac Pro workstation with 24" HD broadcast monitor and nearfield monitor loudspeakers
  • 1 Editshare media server for the central management of raw material


  • HD data projector
  • 42" LCD television
  • HD mediaplayer


G 1.10 Furtwangen Campus