Office for Sustainable Development

The two parts of the word "sustainability" represent our goals: to sustain our ability to support social, economic and ecological development (SEED).

The following core idea is taken from the famous Brundtland Report entitled "Our common future", which was published in 1987 through the World Commission for Environment and Development of the United Nations: "Sustainable development is development which satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." (p 51, para 49)

Sustainability/Studium Generale (I19257-1)

Sustainable development/SEED and the necessary awareness for resources have a lot to do with education and with knowledge about the possibilities and challenges of technological innovation. Our students spend several important years of their lifetime of learning at HFU. During their studies they will be active in project teams, at international partner universities, in companies or in research institutions. Herein lies our key responsibility as a public educational institution. Our graduates will be those who can help shape, technologically, economically and socially, the SEED challenges of the future. A tree with its roots and leaves is symbolic of the necessary long-term outlook for sustainability.

Sustainable/SEED is anchored in the mission statement of Furtwangen University. Academics, Research, Transfer and Operations across the 9 HFU faculties offer impressive activities for SEED. They can be categorized by the UN Sustainability Goals 2030 which demonstrate the full spectrum of challenges for SEED.

HFU has implemented an environmental management system in its university operations in accordance with the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Below you can find out more about the various HFU Sustainability/SEED activities which are also demonstrated in short videos. HFU is networked with a strong and diverse innovation ecosystem. It links education, resources and the window to the world.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and about your SEED activities, e.g. for projects, workshops, lectures, etc. Please feel free to contact me or the persons listed in the various initiatives below directly.

Prof. Dr. Achim P. Karduck
Senate Representative for Sustainable Development

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