NwT Engineering Initiative (Technikinitiative NwT)


  • Strengthening of technical aspects of NwT (science and technology) curriculum in schools
  • Scientific transfer between university and schools
  • Provision of lesson plans
  • Increase number of engineering students through interest in engineering in NwT lessons in school

What we offer
The NwT Engineering initiative works out lesson plans for the subjects of process engineering, energy technology and medical engineering. The main criteria are the novelty value and the depth of the subject set by the curriculum. A catalogue with tried and tested lesson plans and relevant training for NwT teachers is also offered.

Project partners
  • Stadtliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung Rottweil: Hubert Rösch, OStR
  • Fürstenberg-Gymnasium, Donaueschingen: Mario Mosbacher, OSt
Contact details

Projekt Technikinitiative Naturwissenschaft und Technik
Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17
78054 Villingen-Schwenningen
Email: technikinitiative-nwt(at)hs-furtwangen.de
Phone: 07720 307-4777

Web: technikinitiative-nwt.de

Project team