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As part of the DEAL negotiations, universities in Baden-Württemberg cancelled the consortium agreement with the publisher Elsevier at the end of 2017. In order to ensure an adequate supply of Elsevier articles, the HFU libraries have set up a central article delivery service for university staff and students.

Orders for articles which are not available in the HFU libraries can be placed using the Elsevier articles order form below. The HFU libraries will ensure speedy processing of the order. The article delivery service through interlibrary loan is free of charge for university staff and students. Please consult the library in advance regarding delivery services which are not free of charge.

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Contact: Peter Daub

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Please check availability in our libraries before placing an order.

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What is the DEAL Project?

The goal of Project DEAL is to conclude nationwide licensing agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals (E-journals) from major academic publishers from the 2017 licence year. The intention is also to bring about significant change to the status quo in relation to negotiations, content and pricing in the process. The effects of a consortium agreement at the national level should relieve the financial burden on individual institutions and bring wide-scale, lasting improvements in access to scholarly literature for academics. An open access component is also planned.

Negotiations are currently being carried out with the large publishers Elsevier, SpringerNature and Wiley. Further information can be found on the Project website or on the Professional Services website of the University of Freiburg: www.projekt-deal.de and www.pr.uni-freiburg.de/pm/expertendienst/deal-kellersohn

How is the DEAL Project organized?

The initiative was commissioned by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany – represented by the German Rectors’ Conference, the HRK. To carry out the project, the Alliance has brought together a project group including the relevant experts from universities and other institutions. The group will be piloted by a project steering committee comprising members from the highest levels of management at universities and other institutions. The spokesperson for the project steering committee is Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Horst Hippler, President of the German Rectors’ Conference. (www.hrk.de).

What are the aims of the Project?
  • Participating institutions: all institutions in Germany entitled to participation in alliance and national licences.
  • DEAL institutions have long-term, full-text access to the entire portfolio of titles (E-journals) of the publishers selected.
  • All publications by authors from German institutions are automatically accessible on the publisher platform through Gold Open Access without embargo (CC-BY, incl. Peer Review).
  • Appropriate pricing based on a simple, future-oriented pricing model linked to publication volume.
What is the status of the negotiations with Elsevier?

The negotiations with Elsevier which have already been in progress for several months are unfortunately still proving to be difficult: the offer which Elsevier has made is contrary to all principles of a fair pricing policy: although the company currently has a 40% profit margin, the publisher is still insisting on a massive price increase in addition to the already paid licence fees. In total this sum is in the three-digit million Euro range (!). Despite repeated requests to clarify the scope of service provision, these important questions remain unanswered. As a result negotiations have been broken off (but not abandoned).


Why was the consortium agreement of the Baden-Württemberg universities cancelled?

To support the DEAL negotiations and to strengthen the negotiating position of the DEAL Project. The negotiation aims can only be achieved if the academic institutions in Germany display solidarity.

Have any other institutions cancelled their contracts with Elsevier?

Yes. As a result of the slow progress of the negotiations, at the end of last year more than 60 German academic institutions cancelled their contract with Elsevier in order to affirm their commitment to a DEAL licence. By the end of this year it will be 200 institutions. A list of these institutions can be found here:


The state-wide consortium contract signed by Baden-Württemberg with Elsevier in 2015 has also been cancelled as a result of a unanimous resolution of the Baden-Württemberg State Rectors' Conference and will expire at the end of this year. The nationwide alliance licence for Cell Press journals run by the UB Frankfurt also expired on 31.12.2017 and was not extended.

Have any other measures been taken to strengthen the negotiating position of DEAL?

Yes. Various prestigious academics have resigned from their positions as publishers and members of editorial and advisory boards for journals published by Elsevier. By doing so they are showing their support for the DEAL negotiations which have until now been unsuccessful. A regularly updated list of such supporters can be found here:


What is the status of negotiations with other publishers?

A transitional agreement for the year 2018 to continue the negotiations for the DEAL contract in the following year in order to reach a successful conclusion has recently been made with the SpringerNature and Wiley publishers.

The transitional agreement with SpringerNature confirms an extension on the same terms (scope of service, prices) for the year 2018 of the previous statewide agreement for the universities and universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg which expired at the end of 2017, i.e. there are as yet no price increases. In addition the portfolio of titles has been expanded. If a DEAL licence agreement is reached within the next year, SpringerNature confirms that immediate open access will be given to all articles published from that point on, if a member of our University (and the other DEAL institutions) acts as first author or corresponding author.The Baden-Württemberg state contract with Wiley, which also includes the University of Freiburg, expires at the end of 2018. Until the conclusion of a DEAL contract, the conditions of the contract remain unchanged.