The Libraries

Our library media portfolio includes more than 130,000 e-books, 50,000 books and 25,000 electronic newspapers, as well as many scientific databanks, literature administration software and video portals. Comprehensive counselling on the various media is also available.

Changed opening hours in Furtwangen:

On Monday, 17.12.2018 the library in Furtwangen will be open from 10.00am to 9.00pm.

On Friday, 21.12.2018 the library in Furtwangen will be open from 09.00am to 1.00pm.

Christmas holidays from 22.12.2018 - 06.01.2019

During the Christmas holidays from 22.12.2018 - 06.01.2019 our 3 campus libraries are closed.

Library Opening Hours

Library application form, regulations and fees

The application form for the use of the HFU libraries (for our external customers, professors and employees only) is available as a fillable PDF under Downloads.

Also under Downloads you will find the regulations for administration and use of the Information and Media Centre, the library regulations, information about fees and penalties and the inter-library loan regulations for German libraries.

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