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International Center

The International Center (IC) provides assistance for all international students and guests of Furtwangen University, as well as for students and academics planning a stay abroad. The International Center is also responsible for the maintenance and extension of international university agreements and can answer any questions regarding the internationalization of study, teaching and research.

NEWS UPDATE: Due to the Corona pandemic the International Center staff is currently mainly working from home, but can easily be reached by email and telephone. The opening hours have been greatly reduced. Personal meetings can also be arranged outside the opening hours.

    Team - responsibilities

    External link opens in a new window:Brigitte Minderlein: Director, partnerships, finances, outgoings English-speaking countries, Latin America and Asia
    External link opens in a new window:Anette Kohler: Deputy Director, Moveon support, initial contact for outgoings on Schwenningen Campus, outgoings China W+IEB and Jordan
    External link opens in a new window:Ani Andree: Erasmus+ coordinator
    External link opens in a new window:Ulrike Waldvogel: scholarships, outgoings Austria and Switzerland
    External link opens in a new window:Annika Schimmel: outgoings Europe (except Austria and Switzerland), International Center contact on Tuttlingen Campus
    External link opens in a new window:Petra Balasta: Visiting students on Schwenningen Campus
    External link opens in a new window:Julia Hennig: Visiting students on Furtwangen Campus, contact person for international tuition fees

    Furtwangen Campus

    E Building (Altes Forsthaus)
    Baumannstraße 29
    78120 Furtwangen
    Email: Email application is started:outgoing-fu(at) / Email application is

    Opening hours during lecture period:
    Monday, Tuesday
    9.00 - 11.30am
    1.00 - 3.00pm

    If you want to arrange an appointment on another day, please contact us.

    During the lecture-free period, please contact us for an appointment.

    Schwenningen Campus

    Room C 1.08
    Jakob-Kienzle-Straße 17
    78054 VS-Schwenningen
    Email: Email application is started:outgoing-vs(at) / Email application is started:incoming(at)

    Opening hours during the lecture period
    8.45 am - 11.45 am

    Outside opening hours, you can leave a message in the mailbox beside Room C1.08. Outside the opening hours and during the lecture-free period, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

    Tuttlingen Campus

    Room A 2.10
    Kronenstraße 16
    78532 Tuttlingen
    Email: Email application is started:outgoing-tut(at) / Email application is started:incoming(at)

    Opening hours:
    1.45 - 3.45pm
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:
    9.15 - 11.45am

    International Center at Furtwangen Campus
    International Center at Schwenningen Campus
    International Center at Tuttlingen Campus