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Rules of good scientific practice

The Senate of Furtwangen University has passed the following guidelines taking into consideration the recommendations on Safeguarding of good Scientific Practice passed by the German Research Community and the recommendations on "Dealing with scientific Misconduct in Universities" formulated by the Plenary Session of the University Rectors' Conference. 

Rules on the Safeguarding of good scientific Practice and Handling of scientific Misconduct at Furtwangen University

In accordance with LHG §19 paragraph 1 sentence 2 number 11, the following persons have been appointed:

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Betz
Dr. Jörn Kretschmer
Prof. Dr. Kurt Greinwald

Standing commission to examine allegations of scientific misconduct
Prof. Dr. G. Horstmeier
Prof. Dr. U. Mescheder
Prof. Dr. U. Schreier