Why you should choose an MBA at HFU Business School

Allan Omari Onsando (MBA Class of 2013-2014 / Senior Consultant - International Tax & Permanent Establishments at WTS Deutschland) about his study experiences

"Following careers in South Africa and Kenya (my home country), I joined HFU in 2013 and graduated in 2015 with an MBA degree in International Business Management.
Like many students, I had a picture of my expectations from the program and how it would benefit me from a career/professional progression perspective.

I could not be happier with my choice to join the MBA program at HFU as my expectations were superseded because the program brought even more clarity to the picture I had before joining HFU. As a lawyer with a specialty in commercial and tax law, the program enabled me to identify some of the gaps which I required in order to progress both from a personal and professional perspective.

In this regard, the team of lecturers brought a lot of experience from both industry and academia. They were also always ready to support us from a technical perspective and also in the practical application of the learned skills through their own on-the-job experiences. When looked at holistically, a day does not go by without me using one or two sets of skills learned from each subject of the MBA. That means either internally in our organization or for our clients, i.e., be it from subjects such as business dynamics, business processes, finance/accounting, international markets, project management, people management and strategy. These skills have been critical in my line of work, as the solutions our clients require go beyond the tax technical expertise because they also require support as to how they can navigate through the social, political, and economic dynamics of doing business outside their home countries.

Another big value add to the MBA program is the small but carefully selected group of MBA candidates. In my view, this is actually the core aspect of the program. I am glad to have spent time alongside a very talented group of professionals from such diverse professional backgrounds and from up to 10 different countries, hence as many social and cultural backgrounds. The interaction with my classmates enabled me to appreciate even more the different ways of thinking and approaches to problem-solving. In this group, I formed personal and professional relationships, which I value highly.

Another important aspect that is worth mentioning is that the program's administrators were always very responsive to my needs and very supportive in enabling me settle in Germany as an international student.

Finally, the location of HFU –Business school at Villingen-Schwenningen was very calm and ideal for someone looking to study. Its accessibility to neighbouring cities and the scenic black forest is proved with a special kind of ambiance."

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