"BCM has provided me a solid foundation of SAP skills and sound business knowledge that I leverage during my consulting career. I am very grateful for that."
Tamas Budai,Hungary - Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Germany

"Through HFU, I was able to meet best professors. Thanks to the quality and content delivered in BCM programme courses. The course offers a perfect combination between theory and practical studies which made me ready to get into professional life easily."
Mohammed Afifi, Egypt – SAP Technical Consultant at HP, Germany

"BCM is a great blend of theory with practical over SAP/ARIS systems. The course has helped me gain specialist skills, visualize the typical business problems hence expanding my years of IT experience. The course molds you for a career in Global consulting."
Vittal Navale, India - Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Germany

"BCM helped me to expand my horizons. I learned many useful professional skills which helped me to jump start my career. All the professors were really helpful. I would also like to mention the student community at HFU which was like a big happy family living in beautiful Fuwa."
Amit Upadhye, India - Engineer COE SAP, Ireland

"The programme is very interesting as it contains diversity of subjects which provide students with the capability and knowledge to enter business or industry in areas such as Business Intelligence, Logistics, and Project Management in Germany or any other country. What I liked most about the programme is that most of its contents are job-oriented which make students get familiar to the career requirements and situation in Germany and also in international environment."
Majid Vesalimahmood, Iran – Research Assistant at HFU, Germany

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