Additional Services/Opportunities:

1.       Mentoring Programme:

The BCM Department offers a "Mentoring Programme" wherein the current or new students are each assigned a Mentor (from the already graduated BCM students who volunteer to take part in this programme). Mentors help and inspire new students by sharing their wisdom and advice about living, studying and working in Germany. It is important to keep in mind that the students and their mentors do not enter into any kind of obligatory relationship during this programme.

2.       German Conversation:

Though the BCM programme is offered completely in English, we highly recommend our students to improve their German skills during the course of the programme.  Good German skills play a crucial role in securing a job or an internship in Germany. Apart from the German classes which are already offered by the University, the BCM Department also organizes a "Stammtisch" with a German colleague once every week. These conversational sessions enable our students to learn the language at a faster pace, thereby preparing them for their future role as Business Consultants.

3.       Presentation and Moderation Techniques Workshop:

Business Consultants are expected to have exemplary communication and presentation skills. While the numerous presentations which are part of the curriculum ensure that this is achieved, the BCM Department also offers additional help in this respect. A "Soft skills workshop" is offered to BCM students which helps them better apply the principles and techniques of effective communication and interpersonal skills.