Your career outlook

The International Business Management program has achieved topranking by CHE (the Commission for University Development) for Internationality and Employability, which means you enjoy the best possible learning environment. This ACQUIN accredited International Business Management program of seven semesters will give you the ability to handle management issues and begin a successful career in the global economy of the 21st century:

  • developing a sound real-world understanding of business issues, models and processes
  • stimulating intellectual abilities and opening minds to new ways of thinking
  • building management skills: intercultural communication, teamwork and negotiation skills in a multicultural environment

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Your jump-start to a successful career

The majority of our graduating students already have firm job offers before finishing their final thesis, proof that the competence profile of our students meets the requirements of commerce and industry. Some students are offered junior management posts by the organisations that have hosted their internship or commissioned their final-year thesis.

An impressive number of HFU graduates have successfully completed the rigorous selection tests set by some of the biggest global organisations and there are many opportunities for our students to work in small- and medium-sized companies located in the area. Due particularly to their language competence and work experience abroad, our graduates match the profile which these companies are looking for to help them extend their business beyond the European market.

What can a degree with us do for you?

Where have our graduates ended up?  How did the study programs with us in the Faculty of International Business help our alumni launch, or relaunch, their careers?

We are proud of our graduates — and you could join this successful group of international managers, after a degree with us.

Let our alumni tell you their stories, why they decided to study with us, how the international environment in our faculty inspired them and how the skills they learned with us have brought them to where they are today.

Read about their careers

If you are wondering what you could later be doing with an BA in International Business Management, then look no further! Here our graduates will give you their stories. You will get an idea of the huge variety of jobs you can do with our degree. Our alumni will share how the experiences they made and the knowledge they gained during their studies with us helped them start an exciting career.